How we got here.

Why we started the blog.



It all started when a boy met a girl…. I won’t bore you with all of the specifics. But, in the beginning  when my husband and I got together we ate whatever we wanted. Pizza, wings, beer, pasta, tacos, burritos, chimichangas, beer, lots and lots of beer. Then, as the story usually goes, we started to get fat and happy. However, we weren’t really happy with being fat. For some background on me and my eating. My sister is a diagnosed celiac. My mother has gluten sensitivity. I had always wanted to give a gluten free diet a try. It just sounded… so…damn… hard. So, I never tried it. My husband on the other hand has no food allergies in his family, however he had gone strict Paleo in the past, and loved the way it made him feel.

Then, came this one fateful day in August, in Boston, during a 100 degree heatwave. After spending the afternoon tasting beer at the Samuel Adams brewery, my husband and I left to do some souvenir shopping. Now, at this point, my husband, who is a bigger guy by nature, found himself sweating profusely, out of breath, and with heart palpitations. His heart would just flutter all of the time after eating. It was at this moment that we decided when we got home, we would no longer eat gluten, and see how it made us feel. Him going Paleo in the past, and me having it in my family, we figured we would give it a shot.

We felt better after this, and we were happy, but still….kinda fat. It was at this moment we decided we would try the new “it” thing. We decided to do a round of Whole 30. My husband, thrived on Whole 30. I…not so much. Although, I did lose a bit of weight. However, I just didn’t feel well. My husband felt awesome, I just felt blah…. I felt blah for about three full months. I had almost zero energy. I could not even go out to dinner without feeling fatigued. I would lie in my bed and cry because I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I thought I might be dying, have cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome. I went for ultrasounds, I had heartburn that left me crying in pain. I was getting ready to go to yet another doctor’s appointment when my mother made a suggestion to get tested for allergies.

Then, one day I went to go get my blood taken…. a lot of my blood taken. And the results came back. I was essentially poisoning myself daily. I found out I was allergic to egg whites (of which I was eating 3+ every single day), tomatoes, peanuts, gluten, and cats. Doing the Whole 30 kickstarted something in my body, because I was eating so many eggs I think. At first, I was so frustrated. How was I going to do this?!

Well, lucky for me my husband, William loves to cook. And he set out on a new journey to make food for me that didn’t make me miss what I could no longer have. I started trying to find recipes, and it was hard to come by. That’s why William and I decided to start this blog. If only one person finds it that felt like I did, it will be worth it.

Here you’ll find his labors of love in the kitchen, and my commentary. Because us food allergy freaks deserve to eat, drink, and be merry, too.





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